I was looking at the cover of a magazine the other day, and a few of the headlines caught my attention: how to calm down to slim down; how to get better with age; staying true to you-steps to a more honest life. I reflected on how sometimes I felt like I was running through life and not enjoying the little moments as much as I should, and how I wished that I could spend more time delving into things that interested me rather than watching television for hours every night. And then I realized the magazine that had so caught my eye was aimed at 50-year old women. I am only 25. 

While I have a wonderful life, I think I sometimes get out of whack–where some aspects of my life I’ve worked hard at and accomplished many things, others I have fallen short and been plain lazy in dealing with. In a conversation I had with my fiance one night over the phone four years ago, we discussed the concept of what we dubbed “the balance theory”–the theory that too much or not enough of anything wasn’t good for you, but instead ultimate balance of everything in your life was really what would lead to the greatest happiness.

Everyone has their own individual bubbles to balance, but the idea is always the same. For me, it’s about being the person that I want to be, as well as still holding on to many parts of who I already am.

This blog consists of my own experiences and current successes as well as taking a few steps into learning and DOING more of the things I always think or talk of doing. Particularly, I want to become a better physical version of myself, and learn more about fashion and fitness. I want to become more patient and less stressed in my career, and learn how to cook. Simultaneously, I’m also planning a wedding (June 15!) and involved in multiple friends weddings as well. While I currently have two part time jobs (substitute teacher/waitress) I’m also looking to find a full-time job that doesn’t make me pull my hair out but that is something that I truly enjoy. All in all, this is the beginning of a journey to a better version of me.

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