The other day, I was in the midst of asking the universe for the many things I want in my life, and I realized that when it came to my career, I didn’t know what I wanted. I had a whole bunch of urges to do new things I thought I might be good at, but yet there’s still teaching in the back of my head too. As I was asking for all of these things the last few days, I noticed that I hadn’t been very clear in terms of what I was asking for. One day I wanted a teaching job, the next I wanted a communications job (what does that even consist of?) and lastly I wanted a job in health and wellness of some kind. The number one rule in getting what you ask for is that you have to be very clear in doing the asking.

I decided to throw everything I had asked for out the window. Instead, I asked for what I truly needed before I could ask for anything else: guidance. That was all that I asked for.

Yesterday, I was walking through the halls between classes and I ran into the assistant principal of our school (she’s my favorite). We stopped to chat for a minute, and somehow the subject came up where I asked her what her job had been at her previous school. I was not even thinking about guidance, but rather just interested to know how she got to where she was.


She said that in 2007, she had a “job crisis” of sorts. She had been working for years as a French teacher in a middle school, and all of a sudden felt like she wanted something more. She spent a lot of time thinking, and explored such ideas as law school and social working. She thought she wanted to double major in both, but when she went to the first meeting for the duo major, the counselor told her it wouldn’t work out so well, because lawyers think with their heads, and social workers with their hearts. She knew right away she was a “heart” person, and left. She spent some more time thinking about it, and felt like she liked helping kids, but wanted to do so on a larger scale. So she went and got her Type 75 while she was still teaching French, and got hired at our school.

I then explained that I was in a similar situation right now, and she was supremely empathetic. She knows how bored I am–she refers to her one year as an associate as the year she held up the wall. Hilarious.

In that conversation, she gave me no advice on what to do. She didn’t tell me she thought I should be a teacher, she didn’t try to sway me in any direction, she simply shared her story and her understanding at being at that point in one’s life. There was nothing in that conversation that should have lead me to a career decision of any kind.

The only thought I had in my head as I walked away? I am absolutely sure I want to be a teacher.

Be clear about what you ask for:)

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