Patience, child


As a general rule, we individuals always want something. He wants a new car, I want a better boss, you want a new relationship, she wants a new job, they want this weekend to get here NOW; we want Christmas to come, can’t wait for New Year’s Eve. And come January first, 70% of Americans want to lose weight (again).

Why is it so hard to be patient???

I’ve felt lately that I needed to slow down, to be present. And more and more frequently I’ve caught myself in the “what’s next mode,” and have successfully done some practiced breathing exercises and reminded myself that I’m here, right now, and that’s important too.

Although I have been better lately, I still catch myself in the future tense much more often than I’d like to admit. I know that I need to be patient, and enjoy today for today, so if I know this, why is it so hard to do?

I found this answer this morning.

I realized that people often want to get to the next “event” because those are the things they enjoy in life. Whether it’s lunch with a friend, family vacation, or yoga class after work. Looking back on different times in my life, there were times when I wasn’t so rushed mentally, times where I was pretty content with my daily life. But I realized it’s because I truly enjoyed what I did every day. So while I looked forward to the weekends, it wasn’t the  huge “THAAANK GOD” I have every day when the clock gives me the thumbs up to leave the building.

I know some people that really like their job. I know a few people that LOVE their job. I know people that work more than one job and really love one and really hate the other. And I know people (previous post, anyone?) who are really unhappy in their jobs. Aside from my daily 9-5 activities, I’m pretty content. I genuinely enjoy my yoga, my time with friends and family, my nights reading and blogging and hanging with my lil’ family.

I’m not in a rush when I’m content. And I know that I’m not content at work. But knowing that I don’t thrive at my job doesn’t make me any more patient. I know for a fact I will find an awesome one that I love, in time. I know this because I won’t settle until I do. I also know that I have to be patient, because unless anyone has a job offer they’d like to give me today (wink wink), it takes time for the universe to work itself out and to fall into place; the same way it did when I was 16.

So I’m going to try to focus more on enjoy the parts of my day that can be fun, even though it’s small parts. I’m going to stop complaining about my job in general (you’re welcome! haha), and be thankful that I have one. I am leaving today with a positive attitude about all the things I want, knowing, that in time, they will come.

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