To Teach or Not To Teach?

Earlier this year, I had finished getting a degree in English along with a Teacher’s Certification. Fabulous. But as I spent the spring as a sub in the school that I worked for, I began to question whether I wanted to use my English degree to teach…or to do something else. I shared my thoughts with people and asked lots of questions, which only made me feel more confused about what was right for me. At the time, I decided to stick with it on the basis that if I didn’t like it, I could leave, but if I left without really trying, I might regret it.

I went on to get an associate (aide) position in a good district this past fall, and was very excited upon doing so. But as the semester has continued on, I have found myself extremely bored with my job. My creative juice muscles are not being flexed. I.AM.SO.BORED.

While I realize that my current job is not the same as a regular classroom teacher, and that I would not be bored like I am now with a regular teaching job, I have recently found myself wanting something more. But what does that mean??

Having an English degree lends itself the opportunity to work in a variety of fields. Though I can’t specifically say what the more is that I am asking for, I can explain a little about how it goes:

I want a job that I love where I can thrive everyday.  I want an awesome career that is filled with new opportunities, movement, variety, and ADVENTURE. I want to continue to learn & grow every day for the rest of my life. What else do I want in my moreI want to use communication. I would love to travel just a tiny bit. I want to have awesome coworkers and a great boss. I want to drive a max of 45 minutes to work everyday.


But what does that mean?

I found a cool article ( on the massive amounts of opportunities for careers for English majors which was pretty phenomenal. But where do I begin? And what place then, does that leave for teaching? Or is that just it, I leave teaching? Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy teaching. Absolutely. I just want more. The list I wrote above makes me feel awesome. In a much different way than teaching. And I like how it makes me feel.

I want an awesome job.

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