Christmas Spirit

photoSo the other day, I was at Walmart doing some grocery shopping. I was in an aisle, and out of the corner of my eye saw this person coming walking directly towards me. I turn and look–to my surprise it was a very old woman (whom I did not know) and she had her hand outstretched towards me, holding something. I took it from her and looked at it. It was a small car with a Christmas tree pin attached to it, and it read:


I am a deaf person who is passing this item to contribute to my living expenses $2.00 or 2 for $3.00

Thank you, May God Bless You

Have a Nice Day

Merry Christmas

On the back was the sign language alphabet.

I was taken by surprise and caught off guard. I handed the lady $2.00, to which she signed and mouthed “Thank You” and walked away.

After she left, I stood there for awhile feeling….perturbed. I couldn’t figure out why it was bothering me so much. Isn’t giving (especially so close to Christmas) supposed to make you feel good as a person? Feel like you’ve done something (albeit small) to help someone else?

But all that I could think was, “Did I just get scammed? Was it real? Was she really deaf?” It literally made me a debbie downer for an hour or so after that.

We go to the city fairly often, and there are always an endless number of people begging for money for a number of reasons: War veteran with no job, homeless, legless, playing music, or just plain begging. I will honestly say that I never give them money. Not because I am a heartless person, but I have watched, read, and heard countless stories about people that do that but aren’t really homeless, and don’t really need money that much. I remember reading one story that a man made over 6 figures a year doing that every day. So I choose to donate money to organizations where at least I know that the money is going to a real cause (although someone told me the other day that a few certain popular organizations only actually give a small portion of what you donate to the actual cause, but I digress…).

I was thinking about that woman along with everything previously stated when I actively made a decision I was happy with. I decided that it didn’t matter if I had been scammed or not. It was only $2.00, and while I don’t make much money myself, if it was true, then she probably needed it more than me. And if it wasn’t, then somewhere along her road things went wrong that caused her to do something like that. At which point I felt lucky that my life has taken me along a pretty darn good road, and hoped that hers got better. Lastly, I decided just to believe that it was not a scam, that there were still such things as honest strangers, and that I had helped someone just a little.

I can’t control much in this world, but I can control myself and my attitude towards life. After all, when life hands you lemons, make a vodka lemonade:)

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