the law of attraction


So I’m currently in the process of creating a vision board for myself, and am super excited about it! For those of you that don’t know, a vision board is basically a large board on which you glue or pin images/words/ideas of how you want you life to be like. It can be very specific in topics (health and fitness) or much more broad (future home, future job, ideal fitness etc.). It can literally be what you want it to be. It can also be very specific in terms of pictures (say your focus is health and fitness–you can put pictures of specific foods you want to eat more of, a number you want to reach etc.) or very broad in terms of pictures (same topic–but general pictures of fruits and veggies, fun exercise activities and calming nature images).

The main idea of them is that you’re surrounding yourself with images of who you want to be come, and by looking at it often and focusing on it with a positive attitude, you can literally send out positive energy to create these things in your life.

While I have never actually created a vision board, I have used this idea in terms of focusing on things positively multiple times with fabulous success. The key is to be positive (I want to be fit and healthy) and not negative (I don’t want to be unhealthy anymore).

My most blatant success is the most recent job that I acquired. I spent most of last summer wedding planning instead of job hunting, and by the time August came around (I’m a teacher) I was sweating over not wanting to be a substitute again this year. I was also hesitate because it was so late in the summer, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to plan lessons etc. for a new job. I was nervous to get a job, and also nervous not to. So ( I believe it was the middle of July) I decided to make a list of the perfect job that I wanted right now for this year. My list went something like this:

Low stress
Within 30 minute drive one-way
Awesome & positive co-workers and boss(es)
Enough money that we can live comfortably and pay bills
A school in a “good” district
Generally good students
Want to get the job by August

That was all that I focused on. I didn’t feel like I asked for something unreachable, though since I hadn’t done much applying I wasn’t exactly asking for cake either.

On August 22nd, I started my first day of school at my new job. I drive 35 minutes to work, love love love my principal and assistant principal, have great co-workers and students, and work at one of the top ten middle schools in the state. I don’t make a ton of money as an associate, but I make enough to pay the bills and live comfortably for now:)

That being said, this isn’t like make a wish and you get what you want. Sometimes things work in the way you expect and want, and other times things take their own time and eventually work out when they’re ready. But it was something I believed in and only thought good things about. I also was coming from a place of content–if it didn’t work out, I knew that I had a backup job, and would be ok. It wasn’t a list made out of desperation, but rather a list as a goal for myself that I believed I could acquire.

Needless to say, after being in my current job a few months, I am starting to reach for more in my career and in my life. I decided to go ahead and make a vision board. You can just buy a cheap foam core board or poster board (both at Walmart) and can either glue or pin pictures on. I personally chose to pin so that I can replace things as my life continues and they then aren’t stuck to the same board.

To read more about the law of attraction and focusing on the positive aspect of things you want, Click Here or Here
Before you read or watch–take what you can from this. You don’t have to believe every single aspect in order to bring positivity into your life!

To read more about vision boards Click Here

If you have any questions or comments, ask away!

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