From my city walk:)


So I took a long hiatus from blogging, among other things…

because I got married! and then went on a honeymoon! and then got vertigo…..which might be the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. But it was awesome (not the vertigo part) and now it’s sadly over (but happy about the vertigo part).


During my hiatus, I also gained 8 pounds. Which is a LOT on my 5’0″ frame. (I should preface this by saying that I did NOT lose weight before my wedding, so it’s not like I gained it all back or anything. I just added more. Ugh.

Partially, it was from the honeymoon, and partially because while dealing with constant vertigo I couldn’t do much physically without becoming dizzy, so I sat on my couch all day and ate food, watched movies, and didn’t move. For three whole weeks. Ugh.

Now I’m a “doing” kind of person—I don’t like being bored. So sitting at home for three weeks doing nothing wasn’t much fun. 

I also got super negative. Partially from the aforementioned weight gain and lack of self worth, but also because I didn’t work so $$ was kind of tight. And I complained a lottttt. Thank god my husband very nicely pointed this out one day or I might not have noticed. 


But, new beginnings!

I started paying attention to what goes into my mouth again, and started walk/running. It’s been slow, but I’m definitely feeling better. I also have started to look at my life from a new perspective: instead of always focusing on stressing about money/job/life and what I don’t have, I’ve actively tried to appreciate things more. So while I was walking today, I was seriously enjoying looking at people’s houses and being positive that someday I can have one just like theirs too! And it might not be perfect (or nearly as large) but I have the power to slowly fix and change any parts of my (future) house to make it into my own dream. A pretty cool thought, no?

I also decided that I want to do more things. So many nights we spend watching tv…I don’t do any of the things I used to love to do! So I started….


1. Reading—-LOVE reading. I went to the library book fair and bought 8 books for $12, many of which were former bestsellers–how much better can you get? I’m currently reading Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (yes I am still 13 when it comes to reading novels sometimes…Hunger Games, anyone?) Which happens to have worked out perfectly since Sidda, the main character, is also taking a look back at her own life, as well as her mother’s. 

2. Scrap-booking—-I haven’t actually re-started this since I’m still waiting for the wedding pics, but I have a book and all my stuff ready to go for when they come in!

3. Painting—I also haven’t restarted this one yet, mostly because I have things I need to put money towards first (bills…) and I need school to start so I’m making more $$ again. But still very near in the future.

4. Cooking—I said I was going to learn and I am!! I enjoy it a lot, also. I actually even just like doing things like cutting vegetables (and my mother is now looking back at me in the mirror). We returned a few gifts we didn’t really need and bought a really nice knife set—so amazing! Now if only I can figure out which knife is for what….But really the hardest part is cooking stuff for me and the husband that we both like. He’s more of a spicy eater (Siracha, Frank’s on everything…) and I’m not…and I’m a little more adventurous into other foods (quinoa, lentils) and he couldn’t be less. So he’s been pretty good about trying new things, and I’ve been pretty good about making extras of the food I know he likes so he can always have leftovers if I make something that just doesn’t go over well.

5. Exercising—-whatever I feel like doing, for at least 15 minutes…working my way up to longer. But no more rules for myself, because they don’t work for me. I work better if my workout is flexible..some days I just don’t feel like doing certain things. So I walk/run/zumba/yoga/youtube videos/make up my own living room workout…whatever. So far my chill attitude towards it has worked great.

6. Blogging—I like to write about what I think about. I have no goals to become popular through this or to make money (though if that happens, it’s cool) but it gives me a place to exert all the things that go through my head. It’s kind of a release. It’s easier than a journal, typing is faster, and I also enjoy reading other blogs that are on the same page (pun intended) as me.

7. Trying new (and old) things—-In general, I’m trying to either do new things that I might not have done before, or do things I haven’t done in a long time. I took the train into the city the other day for a doctor’s appointment, and instead of taking a cab to the appointment, I walked. Exercise and cool new city views all in one! I should have only considered that I would be a hot mess by the time I got there….oh well. In a few weeks, we’re going to the flea market—I haven’t been to one in ages. Just things like that in general. And instead of watching tv every night, we’ve tried to put together our apartment more…hang things, paint. The only downside is that we did everything without a level, which involved a few makeshift ways of altering things to make them straight (cue Grandpa Larry who hung a cookie sheet inside our basement ceiling to stop a drip from leaking). But all in all, it turned out fine and everything was fun.


So here’s to getting fit and feeling good about myself and my life. I’m already feeling a hell of a lot better and it’s only been a few days since the more positive and grateful me is in action. Things are looking up!



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