When life gets in the way…of life.


We FINALLY moved out! I could not be more excited. And we’re getting married in a month (yay!) While waiting longer to move to save more $$ was a great idea, waiting to move until so close to the wedding=not my brightest.

I FINALLY began cooking!!!!!!! Which is my next goal, to domesticate myself while simultaneously not driving my fiance crazy. So far, so good.

Mother’s Day was wonderful–we spent the day with our mother’s (and his dad) and we made dinner. We had spaghetti pie, which is a family favorite, though there’s really nothing “pie-ish” about it. It’s more like a spaghetti casserole.

I made two appetizers–one that was new that I tried (shrimp dip with provolone on toasted crackers), and one that I made up on my own (pesto spread on toasted crackers topped with diced onions & tomatoes and topped with avocado) & they were DElish:)

I have since attempted a crock pot chicken recipe and made pesto tortellini with shrimp, both of which have gone pretty darn well. I am SO excited.

A side note: Amid my upside down wedding/moving/working world, my mom just emailed me and asked if I had any clothes I wanted to get rid of. This is not unusual–we often give stuff to charities when we go through things. But this time she said she had a “person” to give them to. I inquired, and she said there is a Hispanic lady who works in their warehouse that has a daughter about my size. She said she’s never even gotten a pair of “new” shoes–she always buys them at garage sales.


Moments like this humble me, and bring me back to my center. Gratitude, patience, appreciation. I have a wonderful life BRIMMING with things to be thankful for (enter the large turkey dinner with stuffing) and sometimes get so caught up in my selfish life that I forget what’s really important. So while this post began as a “my life is crazy but awesome” post, it will conclude with a calming note of appreciation.

No matter what’s going on in your life, remember that, while you’re the center of you’re own world, you’re not the center of the world. There is always someone who has it different, better, worse, and always someone that you can help in some way—-just give them a little bit of yourself, in whatever form that may be.


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