For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a “schedule setter” in terms of trying to get in shape/ lose weight etc. Whether it’s following a plan of a professional program or following a workout schedule I created on my own, there was always an order to it, and inevitably, every single time I have “fallen off” that plan. Once I fell, all hell broke loose, and I have this mindset that goes something like “the hell with it” every time—leading me into laziness and extreme overeating since I’ve already “blown” it. And it goes like this every time.

The funny thing is, there’s no one watching. No one knows that I screwed up but me, and I’m pretty sure even if they did they wouldn’t care. But my mind beats me up so much that I “failed” that I always end up back where I started.

I’ve thought a few times looking back that if I’d only ______________(worked out every day, ate less/better) for the last year, I would look and feel better. And then it hits me.

Now, I am taking no credit for origination for the basis of this idea, since it hit me while I was reading Bethenny Frankel’s Naturally Thin. I’m not sure why I didn’t realize this before, or how ridiculous it is that my mentality is so strong that it convinces me that I fell off of a plan and should now just eat 15 mint Oreos since I already suck at life. But in her book she talks about doing what works for you in terms of exercise, which leads me to my sickeningly obvious point.



I don’t?!! I don’t have to follow a schedule? I don’t have to “hold myself accountable” for the ridiculously unaccommodating gym routine I set up for myself? But then what?

I have a crazy schedule. And I’m 100% that you do too. But looking back, if I had just DONE SOMETHING all of those days that I was self-loathing, I legitimately wouldn’t be writing this post right now. Which leads me to my newest goal (which is going AWESOMELY by the way).

My goal is to DO SOMETHING in the form of exercise every day. The NFL has Play60, I have DO15. My first goal is to do at least 15 minutes of exercise everyday. My second goal is to mix it up so I’m always doing different things–this helps cure the gym boredom, gets me to experience more things that I don’t normally do, and helps mix up the muscles I’m working. and it works. 

It’s a personal mental state that I adore, and it really does work. If I have the day off, I’ll go to the gym for an hour. If I work at both of my jobs in one day, I’ll do a 15 minute at-home routine I made up myself that consists of push ups, situps, jumping jacks, a mix of leg exercises and some stair jogging. 15 minutes, boom, done, and still in my house. Different DVDs-Zumba, yoga, Wii Fit. YouTube different workouts. Walk/run outside.

Last week, I went for a jog outside and passed the neighborhood playground/baseball field. I wanted to try HIIT (high intensity interval training—running at extreme speeds in short intervals with rest jogging in between) so I stopped at the baseball field and sprinted one leg, jogged the next, sprinted, jogged. I only made it around twice but was really proud of myself.

Yesterday, I was driving to the gym and I noticed how nice it was outside in the morning. So I turned around, went home, put my shoes on in my car and got out and did a 35 minute walk/run. It was amazing, followed up by a cold shower.

The best part is, there are no rules to break. No plans to fall off of. I do what I feel like when I feel like, as long as I at least DO15. And I try to make a mental effort to push myself to do more if I know my schedule allows for it. It feels awesome, it’s super easy, and I have already exercised (and enjoyed it) more in the past two weeks than I have in a long time.

As an additional side note: I keep track of cardio and weight training as well, just so that I give my muscles time to relax in between. So if I do the at-home workout with a ton of strength stuff, the next day cardio. Or if I do certain muscles one day, I do different ones the next. There are a ton of online resources to find simple exercises for different muscles too. Do what works for you!

2 responses to “do SOMETHING

  1. Love this post. It’s full of practical wisdom.

    I can relate with so much of that, because I used to be a perpetual planner, and unfortunately some days NOTHING would get done. And, I would feel horrible about myself.

    I still have a planner and a to-do list, but now I’m a lot more forgiving of myself. I’ve learned to love myself even when I don’t follow my original plan. I attribute this ability to love myself to my psychologist Dr. Kelly, who has helped me so much in the past year.

    Great post. Look forward to reading your upcoming posts,


    • Thanks for stopping by & glad you enjoyed the post. I am currently in the middle of my own to-do list:) But I’ve tried to become more forgiving also, but I’ve also tried to push myself to do more, so that I don’t just forgive myself right into total laziness!

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