Revamp & Refocus

Still doing great working out….still struggling with the eating. Especially this weekend. I worked a double yesterday at the chain restaurant that you’ve all heard of and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. So it’s Monday and I’m trying to seriously refocus.


I currently use MyFitnessPal, but I actually find it kind of a pain. I use to use the Lose It! app on my phone, and the one thingthat I liked about it was that it kept a long alphabetical list of any of the foods that I used. I could just type “s” and immediately be brought to a list of foods that I’d already used, which made things a lot easier. This morning I typed in “egg white” and was given a huge list (not that that’s bad) but it was all sorts of liquid egg whites and mumbo jumbo and I had to do it 3 different times because I just wanted a regular egg white. I’ve considered switching to the Livestrong app, but don’t know much about it. (Sidenote–I left Lose It! because I felt like MFP had more to offer in general.)

Regardless of the title of the app, (I know I’ve said this before but super true) there is a direct correlation to using it and keeping track of things and my weight loss. I usually fall off from using it either when I’m eating mindlessly and don’t even know how to enter what I ate, or when I completely blow things and cringe even thinking about the numbers it will show me if I look in the mirror. So really, the problem isn’t the APPs, or the time it takes to enter things, but really it’s just my ridiculousness, which I’m attempting to change.

Bringing food to work helps a lot (at either job) because I have no excuse to eat things that are there. And both jobs RARELY have anything real that would constitute as healthy. Which says what about workplaces of America? Why is is ALWAYS bagels and cream cheese? No fruit plates or veggie trays? Something I will make an effort to fix in the future. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Blogging helps too. Not that I’m great at this or that I’m super interesting, but every time people like things or comment on things, it a) makes me feel like other people care/understand what I’m saying, b)holds me accountable for my own actions and helps me to face problems that I have and c) often leads me to cool places like the blogs of people that are interested in getting fit and healthy the right way too!

So now that I’ve gotten that out and eaten a delish breakfast (1 egg & 1 white scrambled with a pinch of low fat mozz on top, 1/2 whole grain toast with peanut butter and blueberries) I am headed to the gym. And since I don’t have a car today, I am walking to the gym. It’s only about a mile, and it’s gorgeous outside!


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