what to do with my 525600 minutes..

I’ve gone to college and gotten TWO bachelors degrees (Originally interior design, then English & teaching cert) and I still can’t figure out what it is that I want to do!!!! Call me crazy, but I want a job that I enjoy, truly. I don’t want to be stressed a ton, I want a commute within 30 minutes from home, I want to like the people I work with, and I want to get paid enough so that I can live comfortably–pay bills with some extra for fun.

I currently have two jobs–I’m a waitress and a substitute teacher. I really don’t mind either, but I’m not exactly in  love with them either. There are good and bad parts to both.


the good: 

good pay for amount of hours worked, earliest I start is 10:30, cash in hand, generally a positive atmosphere, lots of coworkers with a similar age, get to exercise while working, extremely flexible in scheduling

the notso good:

i’ve done it for 8 years and am getting bored, working on the nights/weekends when my fiance has those off, inconsistent income, customer service can suck

Substitute teaching

the good:

decent pay, students are pretty good/nice, staff is nice, can get wedding things done while working, very low stress, ability to say “no” if they call me and I don’t want to work

the notsogood:

inconsistency in that I never know what I’m gonna end up doing, less respect from students because they know you’re a sub only in there for the day, inconsistency in how often I work, sometimes you have instructions and you don’t understand them/know what to do, etc.


I have learned in my student teaching and subbing experiences that teaching is much, much harder than people think (no matter what the pay). On a daily basis, I see teachers with 20+ years of experience that are overworked and stressed out, constantly dealing with the politics of it all. I, like so many others, got into it for the “helping students and lesson planning” parts of it, and there’s a lot more involved. So I’m narrowing my focus from just saying “I want a teaching job” to what I really want. Which is just a job that I really really enjoy. And the other qualities previously mentioned. And wherever that leads me, so be it.


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