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After reading a personal story about a man who suffered with depression and an almost attempted suicide, I am feeling reflective.

While I am here, in this place, what is it that I want out of my life? I believe that I’ve been blessed with many fortunes thus far, but I also feel like (sometimes) I could be getting more out of it than I am. After all, the opportunities are endless.

I’m kind of at a…not so much a stand-still…but more like a middle ground in terms of life. I’m moving out (again, finally) in a month to move into an apartment with my fiance, I’m getting married in two months, and though I’m looking for a full-time job, I’m currently working two part-time jobs which (though I do enjoy both) makes for a very inconsistent work schedule that isn’t my favorite. So I have a lot of things that are coming up, but technically I’m still not there yet.

So then what? I keep wondering what I’m gonna do when all of that happens and I’m not spending my time planning for things to happen anymore. So when I’m moved, decorated, married, and a full-time employee, what else? I’m not ready for kids yet!

So my current attempt to rejuvenate my life is by finding things that interest me. I’m not necessarily trying to start a new hobby, but I would like to learn more about things that I have always wanted to learn more about but never really had the time, energy, motivation…

I began with fitness. The art of learning how to exercise your body and muscles and combine it with healthier eating. Within that area, I took a smaller approach beginning with the exercise part (the second part is learning how to cook, which will come when I move out). It’s been pretty awesome so far–just feeling your muscles become stronger and seeing small changes in yourself. Nothing big, I haven’t lost 15 lbs or anything, but literally seeing and feeling my own muscles become stronger than they have been in years. It’s very cool. I’m experimenting with different ways to exercise–dumbbells, kettlebells, machines, you name it–it’s great to learn different things and how they work. There are so many ways to exercise! Having my fiance at the gym helps too–he suggests things or fixes things that I’m doing wrong (not leaning back slightly on the lat machine). All in all it has been a good beginning. I’m no pro, but definitely have learned some things.

Cooking is next..if I know myself, this should be interesting. I’ve been known to make see-through cookies. Nevertheless, I will start small and see where it takes me. If nothing else, I’m willing to put money on that I will get some hilarious blog posts out of it!


2 responses to “interest me

  1. I like this a lot. I’ve made a couple big decisions based on what you said. I finally chose to pursue things that interest me rather than pursuing things that make the most money or generate the most respect. It’s a tough decision, but a great one. So, kudos to you!

    Also, it’s great to see you getting into resistance training! It has so many benefits!

    • It IS a tough decision, but well worth it for the soul I’m sure. In the long run, you’re the only one that lives your life, so do what YOU want to get the most out of life.

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