Weekend Eats

I had my second shower this weekend and it was so much fun! Lots of cute decor, delicious food and awesome gifts from my friends and family. Our colors are turquoise, pink and orange, with a tropical theme to pull it all together. I loveee it because it’s super bright and summery and makes me feel like I’m somewhere warm!

Exercising has been going really well; eating is going okay but I could do better, so focusing a little bit on that now just to get on track. I could give you 85 reasons to justify why it hasn’t gone SUPER well (bridal shower, weekend nights out…) but really it’s just me. I just need to be a little more prepared food-wise in general. For example, we were out of fruit when I ran out the door this morning, so I grabbed a pack of peanut butter cracker sandwiches in the middle of my rush. If I hadn’t been running so late, I could have easily made a sandwich or put cottage cheese or nuts into a container, all of which would have been healthier options. So regardless of what goes on in my life, I’m the one responsible for my own actions.

I’ve tried keeping track of what I eat, and have found that when I do so (myfitnesspal.com) there is a direct correlation with my weight loss. I definitely eat more when I don’t keep track of it, and often times I’ve realized that I just mindlessly nibble on things and have to dig through my memory to remember what I ate earlier. I need to take more time to sit down and eat, and to enjoy it, than I currently am. Though it can be difficult with things like family parties and different schedules on the weekends, I really have no excuses for the most part. Especially with the websites that have thousands of nutrition information from grocery store foods as well as restaurants. Sometimes I just get busy and forget, but when I make an effort I do just fine. So basically I need to just get my act together!


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